A set of AppleScripts for Adium that makes hard to remember emoticons, easy to use.
Released: July 15, 2007.

Requirements: Adium.

More information, Documentation and Install.

Album Art For The Rest of Us

A screensaver that displays random iTunes album art.

Version 1.1 – Released: March 11, 2009. Leopard + Tiger, Universal Binary (Intel+PPC).
Version 1.0 – Released: September 26, 2006. Panther, PPC only.



More information and download version 1.1 (Tiger + Leopard). 12 KB only.
Download version 1.0 (Panther). 16 KB only.

If you are having trouble downloading, try this page instead.

Note: The screensaver needs iTunes to be running. If iTunes is not running, it will be automatically started when the screensaver starts.