RAOTW – Wireless USB

Nothing much happening at all anywhere (or so it seems), so let’s go back to take a look at a technology of which I’ve heard a lot less than I expected to when I wrote this article around the same time last year. I wonder what’s happening on this front – yet another item added to the always-growing-never-shrinking to-do list.

Also, stay away from Mr and Mrs Smith – do not let your friends talk into seeing it no matter what. Give the money you would spend to charity instead – I promise you the movie isn’t worth it.

RAOTW – DivX Internals

Here’s a layman’s guide to how DivX works.

PS – In case you’ve been wondering (for weeks) what RAOTW is, it stands for “Random Article Of The Week” – innovative or what?!! Consider this as a feature where I take you back to one of my “retro” articles; articles that are still relevant of course.

Handhelds revisited – Palm Tungsten C/ T3

The Palm Tungsten C
The lean mean business machine

The Palm Tungsten means business. It runs Palm OS 5.2.1, is powered by a 400 MHz Intel XScale chip and ships with 64 MB of RAM. The Secure Digital/ Multi Media Card (SD/MMC) expansion slot lets you push the capacity of your Palm by an additional 512 MB.

It features a 65,000 color trans-reflective screen and an integrated keyboard just below it. You will find a five-way navigator, and four function buttons at the bottom. Your communication options include Wi-Fi and IR.

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