Why I use OS X reason #121211

I move the iMac from Pune to Delhi, join the WiFi network, click on Add Printer and not only does it detect the HP Multifunction thingy attached to my router instantly, but it’s installed and ready to use without me having to click on “Yes” infinite times or without anyone telling me the drivers might be the bastard child of someone cause they aren’t properly “signed”.

As a bonus, it also installs the scanner, which I use to “pull” documents from the scanner on the network onto my computer, with fully functional settings like changing the file type etc. And all this without having to install any of HP bloatware on my machine.

The next time Software update runs, it also informs me a newer version of the drivers/ software I used in also available. I then appreciate the fact that the OS didn’t bother me with this when I was trying to install the printer and print something in a hurry. Non-critical updates can wait until you have the time, user, is a nice approach.

The very definition of “it just works”.