I had a dream

Two dreams actually. First, the Liverpool Board went behind my back and installed Juande Ramos as my replacement after I won the League + FA Cup double in Football Manager. Second, Oil touched 145 USD a barrel.

Have to say that both dreams worry me a great deal. By the time you read this, the second one might actually have come true. I am not going to start up FM for a while to ensure that the first one doesn’t come true – atleast for a while – because it sounds exactly the kind of thing the men assholes presently in charge of the great institution would do.

Dreams? More like nightmares!

It’s official

Before you say, I know you can buy it in the grey market for a minor premium over the dollar price, but it’s good to know that the iPhone is finally coming to India officially.

So the “coming to Asia in second half of 2008” bit was right after all. At that time I thought by Asia, Apple perhaps means Singapore, but looks like India will be the first Asian country to get the iPhone! Unless some operators have deals ready to be announced for other countries, which can’t be ruled out.

Translate .local hostname to IP address

You can have .local hostnames translated to IP addresses by installing Bonjour on the source machine i.e. the (windows) machine doing the lookup.

Saved me the trouble of changing the IP of my Powerbook in Synergy configuration on the Windows machine every time I got allocated a new one.

Doesn’t matter if you are part of a Windows domain, not part or whatever – just install Bonjour and you are good to go. That is the beauty of Bonjour.