Documentation for /Emotion v1.0

Old style New style Result Image Description
/happy %_happy 🙂 happy happy
/sad %_sad 🙁 sad sad
/wink %_wink 😉 winking winking
/grin %_grin 😀 big grin big grin
/bat %_bat ;;) batting eyelashes batting eyelashes
/hug %_hug >:Dtd> big hug big hug
/confused %_confused :-/ confused confused
/love %_love 😡 love struck love struck
/blush %_blush :”> blushing blushing
/tongue %_tongue 😛 tongue tongue
/kiss %_kiss :-* kiss kiss
/broken %_broken =(( broken heart broken heart
/surprise %_surprise :-O surprise surprise
/angry %_angry X( angry angry
/smug %_smug :> smug smug
/cool %_cool B-) cool cool
/worried %_worried :-S worried worried
/whew %_whew #:-S whew! whew!
/devil %_devil >:) devil devil
/cry %_cry :(( crying crying
/lol %_lol :)) laughing laughing
/straight %_straight 😐 straight face straight face
/raised %_raised /:) raised eyebrow raised eyebrow
/rotfl %_rotfl =)) rolling on the floor rolling on the floor
/angel %_angel O:-) angel angel
/nerd %_nerd :-B nerd nerd
/hand %_hand =; talk to the hand talk to the hand
/call %_call :-c call me call me
/phone %_phone :)] on the phone on the phone
/wit %_wit ~X( at wits' end at wits’ end
/wave %_wave :-h wave wave
/time %_time :-t time out time out
/dream %_dream 8-> daydreaming daydreaming
/sleepy %_sleepy I-) sleepy sleepy
/roll %_roll 8-| rolling eyes rolling eyes
/loser %_loser L-) loser loser
/sick %_sick :-& sick sick
/notell %_notell :-$ don't tell anyone don’t tell anyone
/notalk %_notalk [-( not talking not talking
/clown %_clown :O) clown clown
/silly %_silly 8-} silly silly
/party %_party <:-P> party party
/yawn %_yawn (:| yawn yawn
/drool %_drool =P~ drooling drooling
/think %_think 😕 thinking thinking
/duh %_duh #-o d'oh d’oh
/applause %_applause =D> applause applause
/nails %_nails :-SS nailbiting nailbiting
/hyp %_hyp @-) hypnotized hypnotized
/liar %_liar :^o liar liar
/waiting %_waiting :-w waiting waiting
/sigh %_sigh :-td> sigh sigh
/phb %_phb >:P phbbbbt phbbbbt
/cowboy %_cowboy <):)> cowboy cowboy
/puppy %_puppy :o3 puppy dog eyes puppy dog eyes
/dunno %_dunno :-?? I don't know I don’t know
/nolisten %_nolisten %-( not listening not listening
/pig %_pig :@) pig pig
/cow %_cow 3:-O cow cow
/monkey %_monkey :(|) monkey monkey
/chicken %_chicken ~:> chicken chicken
/rose %_rose @};- rose rose
/luck %_luck %%- good luck good luck
/sam %_sam **== flag flag
/pumpkin %_pumpkin (~~) pumpkin pumpkin
/coffee %_coffee ~o) coffee coffee
/idea %_idea *-:) idea idea
/skull %_skull 8-X skull skull
/bug %_bug =:) bug bug
/alien %_alien >-) alien alien
/frust %_frust :-L frustrated frustrated
/pray %_pray [-Otd> praying praying
/money %_money $-) money eyes money eyes
/whistle %_whistle :-“ whistling whistling
/beat %_beat b-( feeling beat up feeling beat up
/peace %_peace :)>- peace sign peace sign
/shame %_shame [-X shame on you shame on you
/dance %_dance :D/ dancing dancing
/bring %_bring >:/ bring it on bring it on
/hee %_hee ;)) hee hee hee hee
/chatter %_chatter :-@ chatterbox chatterbox
/bow %_bow ^:)^ not worthy not worthy
/goon %_goon :-j oh go on oh go on
/star %_star (*) star star
/hiro %_hiro o-> hiro hiro
/billy %_billy o=> billy billy
/april %_april o-+ april april
/yin %_yin (%) yin yang yin yang

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  1. This is great… I’m still fuddling around trying to figure adium and mac. I’m a new switcher from msn and PC so this is a great help as I never got used to ‘not’ using only the full words anyways, this will help me a lot… Thanks!

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