Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

During a recent conversation with a friend, the topic of jeans and trying clothes somehow managed to come up. I mentioned reading about this guy and the peculiar habit in that regards (trying clothes) that his girlfriend had. I couldn’t recall where I had read it, but I remembered it was good for a few laughs and felt like revisiting it. After some experiment with weirdly worded queries, I finally found the page.

Here’s the part in question:

When Margret used to go shopping and she’d see, for example, a pair of jeans in a department store, do you know what she used to do? Try them on. I think you’re all with me here, but just for anyone who’s joined us late, I don’t mean she’d go to the changing rooms and try them on. That would be a preposterous idea wouldn’t it? No, she’d just get undressed there in the middle of the sales floor to try them on. It took me some considerable time to persuade her that this wasn’t normal behaviour in Britain, despite what she might have seen on Benny Hill. Even then, she only stopped – amid much eye-rolling and, ‘You and your silly social conventions,’ head shaking – to humour me.

Check it out, but with some time to spare – it’s long (and good) enough to eat a big chunk of your time.

Go on…

…try wiping the smile off my face today. You won’t have much success though, I’m telling ya. Best result since that night in May 2005.

Time to spread some of the happiness. Discovered this great site where you can read online (for free) one of the cult books, 1984, the book that gave the world terms like Big Brother, Thought Police etc., and Orwell’s other works including another personal favourite, Animal Farm. A bunch of other authors on offer as well, including Grandpa William.