The story so far

It’s been a strange new year. Moments of joy, bitter disappointments, all sandwiched between a crazy crazy schedule at work. Here’s what this year has seen a lot of:

  • Work, work and more work. (what, you’re tired of that theme already?)
  • Pizza and beer for dinner – is that the unhealthiest dinner known to man or what? I guess there’s a Homer in all of us.
  • Unread items piling up in Vienna (much better than NetNewsWire Lite IMO, as, amongst other things, it stores the “read” items for as long as I want – never saw that option in NNW.)

What the year has seen very little of:

  • Time for friends/ family and/ or personal mails/ IM.
  • Sleep.
  • “Me time”.

All of these a direct consequence of the work theme of course – something that happens with everyone under similar circumstances, eh? Anyways, with a major deliverable out of the way, things have quietened out at work since yesterday, so here’s hoping the year will see more of:

  • The mac nerd.
  • Time at the gym – remember?!!
  • Attempts at being less obnoxious.

Okay, I am just kidding about the last one – I couldn’t possibly pull that off if I tried.