I believe in miracles!

Around a month back I was playing with a few RAM modules for my Powerbook – I have been meaning to write about my experiences with that as well, but I guess that’s for another time. Long story short, I happened to lose one of the four tiny screws that holds the lid of the RAM compartment in place. I tried looking for it (a lot) as one would expect, but ultimately had to give up without success. The lid has been living with only three screws ever since.

Back home from work tonight, I took the Powerbook out of the backpack and placed it on the bed as part of my daily ritual. As I went around to the other side of the bed and looked to open the laptop lid (could I be any more elaborate/ dramatic?!!!), this shiny little thing caught my eye. It looked suspiciously like the missing screw but I didn’t believe it until it fit in nicely into the empty slot.

Of course, the question arises where did it come from? Was it in my backpack all along and “sneaked out” with the laptop this time round? Or did the cleaning guy find it today and decided (in his infinite wisdom) to keep it on the bed – it’s possible, the screw is very tiny and the guy doesn’t exactly do a thorough job cleaning each and every time. I guess we’ll never know – actually, maybe we will, because I’ll cross check with the cleaning guy the next time I see him.

What I do know is that I had given up all hope of my Powerbook being “complete” again, so this, to me, is an extremely pleasant surprise. It’s a Christmas miracle! HO HO HO…