It’s raining in the desert

Unexpected, un-seasonal (see below) but very welcome rains in Muscat as I am typing this. Playing with some C code tonight (gosh, it’s been a while since I last called malloc) and start hearing this weird noise. Open the window to see that the skies have opened up and it’s pouring down (I use that term loosely, i.e. by Muscat standards). It threatened to rain in the evening, and by that I mean the sky “spat” for some 10 minutes, but it was hardly anything to write home about (pun intended) and I missed all of it anyways as I was at work.

I really should be getting back to the code now, but before I go I have had time to check that rains aren’t that unexpected at this time of the year. However, looking at the numbers on that page, I guess we might have already exhausted our quota (of the rains) for this month.

Taking it easy

As of 40 minutes ago, I have decided not to let the Reds affect my mood the way they have done for the past half a dozen years or so. That is not to say that I will be supporting them with any less fervour, but I will try to curb the win-and-I-love-life and the draw-or-worse-and-I-hate-myself (until the next game, when the cycle repeats) pattern that my life revolves around. Of course, how successful I will be remains to be seen (to be honest, I don’t think I have a chance with this “hands-off” style of support, that just isn’t me), but let’s give this a shot. No more obsessive checking of Newsnow every 5 minutes (on non-match days also), no more RAWK, no more thinking about formations during tea breaks.

Aside from the Reds’ away form in the premiership (there I go again!), I have had little to complaint off late. Things been pretty hectic at work (up to 6 days a week now), bordering on the unmanageable as far as deadlines and pressure are concerned, but when I contrast that with the times I longed for meaningful work a couple of years back, you won’t hear me complaining too loud. Thankfully, there’s a break round the corner and I am looking forward to enjoying the nice Delhi weather at this time of the year with some good Vodka as well as catching up with friends and family.

All that should explain the lack of action around here – and whatever little time I have had, I have blown away in a newly discovered fetish – pumping iron et al, which of course sucks out whatever little is left in the tank at the end of the day. Thankfully, it hasn’t yet turned into an obsession (and something tells me it never will) so I allow myself off days like today which in turn allows you to read meaningless drivel like this!

Amongst other things, I completed 1 year with my current employer a couple of days back – a big, big thing in my part of the world. As an anniversary gift to myself (okay, I decide to masquerade it as a gift as an afterthought), I got myself a shiny new iPod video 80 GB (yes, it’s black) – hey, the price was too good to refuse! I was out shopping for a M2 card for my phone to allow me to listen to music while travelling/ gym-ing, but those chips don’t look like settling at a decent price anytime soon – so I bought something that costs 6 times instead! Genius! I thought of getting a 30 GB video iPod as the music “warehouse” AND :p a 2 GB Nano for the gym, but settled on the biggest, meanest iPod out there instead. Zune what? Still need to solve the gym music problem though.

Some more feedback on the phone like I promised. The M600i has been by and large nice – especially since I upgraded the firmware. I can actually view the messages with the email client now! And I don’t recall any “out of memory” messages since the upgrade either. There have been a few lockups while using IMAP mail that have required me to reinsert the battery (force reboot), especially when the connection quality has been dodgy, but hey nothing’s perfect, right? Also, I am still looking for a decent (preferably free) Yahoo! Messenger client. I have tried IM+ and it does okay for most part, but surely there’s something better out there (no, Elite Messenger doesn’t cut it either). BTW why don’t Yahoo! and others have official IM clients for the mobile platforms yet?!! Crazy.

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