A quickish update

Ah, the joys of having tea at 12:45 in the night! (I don’t like to call it morning just because it’s the next day/ date).

The six day Id vacation is over n done with and I’m back at work. Was more than a bit under the weather towards the latter part of the “break”, but almost back to perfect health now. Slept close to 12 hours straight last night, which is huuuuuuuge by my standards, but then if you consider I didn’t sleep for a second the night before, it comes close to evening itself out. Got meself a new phone after much deliberation – a M600i, first recommended by Kashyap. Mayank commented on how I had now gone for a “convergent” device (or a PDA + phone hybrid in any case), after having been in favour of specialist devices, but the truth is I still am in the “individual devices” camp and I’d even considered going down the Palm TX + cheap-bluetooth-EDGE phone, but I faced the same problem as last time i.e. there’s no such freakin’ thing as a “cheap-bluetooth-EDGE phone”, now that the 6021 has been discontinued.

I was having a tough time deciding when I thought, what the heck, let’s go for the M600i and we’ll see how things turn out – it’s a matter of 450 odd US dollars in any case (when you consider the phone and the 1 gig memory card) – tongue firmly in cheek. Not that I thought it’s a bad phone – anything but. It’s just the M2 that was the stumbling block for me – I don’t like proprietary formats and this new-format-a-month thing that Sony seems to be doing isn’t winning me over.

Anyways, my initial impressions of the phone have been mostly positive – especially the keyboard and the copy (from) anywhere-paste (to) anywhere thing that it has going. I must say thought that I haven’t had a chance to “play” with it as much as I would like or normally do with my “toys”. It doesn’t seem to be as responsive as I’d like it to be, but maybe that’s just me and my first time with a touch screen etc. I loved the “landscape” mode in the browser, though the fact I had to horizontal scroll a blogger.com page was a bummer – maybe I should use the zoom option to try and fit more of that page at a readable level next time. Haven’t even upgraded the firmware yet or downloaded any custom applications – will try and post more of my impressions of the phone in due time. I think upgrading the browser (it’s Opera, right?) to the latest version might fix that horizontal scroll “problem” as well.

Received a bunch of books I’d ordered from Amazon and I am more than halfway through reading iWoz, the story of one of the smartest persons the world has ever seen, in (more or less) the words of the great man himself. That man knew what a diode is (was?) at the age of four – four! And boy did he make use of that brain of his – no use having a great mind if you are a lazy git (i’m looking at you, person in the mirror) – there’s a weird combination of pomposity and good old-fashioned self deprecation in one sentence for you right there.

Have also received the Hillegass and Kochan books – so now I have absolutely no excuse not to write that Cocoa application I keep designing in my head.

Now if only they developed a cure for procrastination, things would be pretty darn perfect.

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