Lost me phone

I have officially joined the ranks of careless jerks who manage to lose their phone. Yes, I’ve lost my Nokia 6021 and more importantly the data on it. While I should (might?) have a backup of the phonebook somewhere, around half-a-dozen sent mails and some other private notes are now gone. Forever. How I hate when that happens. It hasn’t been a particularly lucky phone when I think about it – I lost a bunch of messages that I would have liked to keep when I was transferring the phone book from the previous phone to the 6021. It might have been my fault, but Nokia software should be more explicit in stating if you restore the backup of one phone onto another, it will erase everything that’s already present in the target phone!! Aargh.

Anyways, I had long come to terms with that loss and had recently been thinking of switching to the Treo 700p ((yes, i am not as averse to the idea of having a camera in my phone as I was before)) (when the GSM version comes out) or the rumoured iPhone that is now almost certain to come out by the end of the year, unless his Steviness has a change of heart, even though the Nokia I had was less than an year old. Treo 650 was another option, especially as I thought I could get it at a much better price than the other two. Maybe the Nokia got wind of my idea, even though I was careful not to discuss this when it was around, and decided to run off with someone who it thought would be more appreciative. Oh come back my phone, I’ll take better care of you I promise and not cast lusty looks at the Palms and the Apples (or not!).

So in the rare case that you’ve been trying to get in touch with me for the past few days, this is the reason why. And yes, I’m in no rush to get a replacement, so if you want to get in touch with me, email or IM is the only way (just as I like!). It’ll be nice to go back to the time, albeit for a few days/ weeks, when you didn’t have to have one (phone) on you all the time.

And yes, I almost forgot, drop in your latest contact details please will ya – I think the backup of my phonebook (if one exists) is on the PC back home which I have no access to at the moment. Cheers.