Of sickness and creative juices

I guess when your body isn’t a hundred percent, the mind tends to function well. Quite contrary to the old saying “health body, healthy mind” (or something like that) but that is what I might explain the fact that I got an unprecedented 4 (meaningful *ahem*) posts out of myself the day before. Now that my health crawls back to normal, expect to see more of nothing around here – too bad I couldn’t get two pieces I’ve been wanting to write for a while during this time. When will I catch a severe cold again *sigh*

Eat my prediction hat

I’m sure UEFA realized many people got a sniff of their crooked designs, so they changed their plans. That’s right. The bad news is there would be Merseyside derby (derbies) in the Champions League 3rd qualifying round. The good news is Everton won’t be making it to the group stage in any case – no way they are getting past Villarreal.