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Long time no see!

I don’t know about you, but I saw so many pranks flying around on April Fools’ Day, that I couldn’t be sure what’s for real and what’s not. For a moment, I was dead sure April was going to announce Tiger on the 1st, which happens to be their (Apple’s) anniversary I’m told, unless of course that was a smart ass’s idea of a joke.

Another reason for not much activity around here is I’ve been involved in stuff which will see me join a company from tomorrow – well a few hours from now actually. Yipeee?

This means you’ll see some stuff on the lines of “Lessons I learnt from my entrepreneurial stint” etc. very shortly.

But you can see the results of what has kept me busy for the best part of this evening right now. A brand new “Now Playing” section which displays the album art of the song that’s currently playing in iTunes on my Powerbook. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now – it’s a 100% “home made” plugin (though technically it isn’t a wordpress plugin – yet) – but only now does it see the light of day.

It’s kinda “crude” right now, but, hey, it does the job! The internal workings and more on it’s features/ limitations to follow pretty soon – tomorrow hopefully!

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