Memory cards

Here’s your one stop guide to some of the popular memory card standards being used these days. I actually wrote this one myself (surprise, surprise) for the Jan issue of LD. CF, MMC, SD – you’ll find them all and more.

Read it here.

PS – This is the first time I’m linking to LD from here – not sure if their URLs change a lot or something. Leave a comment if you find the link broken. Thanks.

Even MS employees can’t resist it

Wired news reports that 65% of the employees at Redmond use an iPod – even at work – I guess it’s hard to resist the best. Apparently the management isn’t too pleased about it (of course).

But the employees don’t seem to care much – as long as it doesn’t hurt them in any way. One of them has even pleaded with Billy boy to come with something similar – ya, right! In their dreams maybe 😉