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Are you following football?

It’s that time of the year again! Here’s a quick update about the little “service” I have been providing.

Starting this season, updates will also be available for all Championship, League 1 and League 2 matches in addition to the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League games. FA Cup and League Cup action will also be covered.

Get your fix here.

Bye bye Hollywood

By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, chances are that the greatest bowler of our generation would have bowled his last bowl in international cricket. A personal favourite, watching this man bowl is one of two reasons that can still make me sit through a cricket match – the other being watching a certain Brian Charles Lara bat. Of course, in India he has not always been given the respect he deserves, thanks to the not so great record he has against the Indians, but I have never had any doubts about his quality or the fact that cricket will be a lesser game without his charismatic presence.

You’ll be missed mate.
Shane Warne

PS – Of course, test cricket might well become a real sport again now that both Warne and McGrath are going. Where by the term “sport” I mean something that’s competitive, where you don’t know who the winner’s going to be before the competition has begun. For example, Golf is not a sport when Tiger Woods is around or F1 with Ferrari of a couple of years ago.

Club rivalries

Stumbled upon the results of this survey which was conducted sometime back, when I was actually looking for something else. I remember voting in this survey myself! It’s worth spending a few minutes if you’re even remotely interested in football (soccer). Check out the results (PDF)

Some highlights:

– Manchester United are considered to be their main “rivals” by most sets of fans (surprise, surprise!)
– Over three-quarters of fans would rather thrash their rivals than beat them with a last minute winner. (though I cherish Gary Mac’s last minute winner at Goodison and Spud’s late winners at the theater of screams more than the, occasional, thrashings we handed out to those two under GH)
– 40% of fans don���t have a second team and 43% wouldn���t follow another club if their own one ceased to exist (!!!)

Read on for more such interesting results.

ManU to nick it this time?

I hope not – I am talking about the Premiership of course.

Take a look at this “spooky” comparison between the runs of Liverpool and ManU over a 13 year period. Liverpool won 9 titles in 13 years at their peak, ManU have 8 in 12 now, with the years they won and didn’t overlapping perfectly. See below if you don’t get what I mean.

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