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Moved servers

I recently switched servers and was a little lazy in moving everything over. You would have received a few 404s and possibly other errors while trying to download AAFTRU and other linked files. For that I apologize.

I belive everything should be fine now but if you do run into some problems please do let me know by dropping a line at mail AT kunaldua DOT com.

Yet another site redesign

Yes I get bored of designs pretty quickly. They seem perfect when I choose them, but over time I begin to find deficiencies in them. Here’s a brand new design. And this one doesn’t even seem perfect as of this moment – I don’t like the typefaces. Maybe I will get down to fixing that one day. Maybe not.

Let’s see how long this one lasts. And yeah, as always, let me know if something is broken.

Site redesign

Unless you are reading this in your newsreader, you have already seen the new site design. I had initially planned to do a new design from scratch, but it was pretty much love at first sight when I saw the original theme in action and I knew I had found what I had been looking for. A few minor tweaks and the result is in front of you.

Do give me your feedback, especially if something is broke after the redesign.

Switching servers

If you’re reading this, then the switch has been successfully completed. I am switching to a new host as my old one has decided to shut shop and not take any renewals when my current account expires in less than a month’s time – not that I would have stayed with them anyways.

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Glad to be back

I was in Kabul on an official trip for the best part of last 3 weeks, which should explain the lack of updates around here. Of course a lot has happened in the meanwhile, most of it absolutely amazing. Expect to see more activity once I settle back to my routine around here, which hasn’t been helped by a bit of dodgy health since I came back on Friday.

See you around.