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Indian Virals

Ok, one of these links has been sitting in the Drafts folder for close to an year. The other for around 6 months. Old news? About time you checked them out I say!

This video was originally released at, but that site seems to be down now. Thank God (Google?) *pun, nudge-wink* for YouTube, which has helped preserve this little gem. It’s worth the 1 min 25 sec of your time, trust me.

This is the more recent one, still available on the original site. Here’s the 1 min 50 sec video, again via YouTube.

Good to see Indian companies embracing viral marketing and combining it effectively with the more traditional methods. Case in point, I received link to the first time in an “official” mail from the company concerned.

Bruce Willis is the man!

Four (more) reasons why Bruce Willis is the man:

  1. He hangs around web-sites following discussions of his movies.
  2. He participates in the discussions as “Walter B”, sharing his opinion in no uncertain terms.
  3. When someone doubts his identify, he iChats with the doubter as proof.
  4. Last but not the least (in case you didn’t figure out from above) he uses a Mac.

via TUAW.

An even bigger Bruce Willis fan now, if that was possible.

Edit – Really looking forward to Die Hard 4 btw. Willis mentions in one of the pages linked above that he agreed that parts 2 and 3 were nowhere near the 1st one in terms of quality, but he believes this one comes close and perhaps even betters the original!!

That remains to be seen of course, but if this movie is even half as good as the first Die Hard (one of the links above has people arguing how can a Die Hard movie be a Die Hard movie if the word fuck is used only twice, to comply with PG13 ratings!), then we are in for a treat, because the original Die Hard remains one of the greatest action movies of all times (and a personal favourite of course).

Funny Friday

Saw no less than 4 movies today – not all of all of them, if you know what I mean, but yeah, saw four alright.

Started off the day with Biwi Aur Makaan, a movie about 5 roomies looking up for a new makaan (house) in Bombay (that’s what it was called back then you politically correct jerks), who end up finding biwis (wives) as well. Surprisingly funny until you find out it’s a Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and it isn’t such a big surprise any more.

It stars Mehmood, amongst others, but if you are looking for any slapstick stuff, you’ll be in for a disappointment – if you haven’t guessed that already considering the director. Not exactly what one would term as a “must see” ala Chupke Chupke or Golmaal, but you won’t get bored watching it either.

Moved on to Andaz Apna Apna & Dumb and Dumber later in the day – hadn’t watched the latter till today (turns out hadn’t really missed much). I don’t think either movie needs any introductions, so I’ll leave it at that. All three movies were on the telly, if anyone’s wondering.

Last, but definitely not the least (that would be DnD, above), watched Khosla Ka Ghosla at the nearby theatre. I had made plans to go Wednesday night, but “inertia” got the better of me (what else is new) and decided to order-in instead. Anyways, glad I went today because, between glimpses of Delhi, the Punjabi accent-shackcent, decent story-line, some excellent performances and that weird(ly nice?)-sounding, beautiful woman, I really liked the movie. I could also relate to the father-son relationship portrayal – watch the movie and you’ll know what I mean. Or maybe not.

Amongst other news, coming up soon is a long overdue redesign of the site. Watch this space.

Captain Mono

So I came back an hour ago after watching 5 minutes of the second Pirates of Caribbean, whatever it is called – Dead Man’s Chest? Yeah, whatever. I had been wanting to see it for a long time and considering that tomorrow will most likely be the last day it’s going to be in theatres here, I finally decided to go and watch it at this theatre near my hotel. So I quickly finished dinner – which wasn’t too bad btw, which is a rarity these days – and reached the theatre. Only the second time in my life was I planning to watch a movie “alone” – what’s the big deal with doing that anyways? I mean if you really want to watch the movie you shouldn’t really care who you’re with, right? I’m in for watching movies alone after being sceptical for the best part of my life. Anyways, I digress.

I reached the theatre, bought the ticket and entered the hall, you know the usual drill. At this point I would like to state for the record, my complete distaste for multiplexes with halls that are only slightly bigger than your living room (unless you live in Mumbai or New York of course, in which case any place is bigger than your living room). I mean this hall had only 52 seats (yes, I had time to count as I was waiting for the movie to begin) – 52 seats? Give me the single screen theatres over multiplexes any day. Call me old fashioned, but I like my movie screens big and the halls bigger. Call me old fashioned, but I’m not sure what I’m gaining with multiplexes – I pay more to watch the movie on a smaller screen with worse audio. And yes, being close to the screen is suddenly a good thing?!! WTF!

Talking about crappy audio brings us back to today’s movie. The previews start and there’s this constant hiss in the audio – never mind, I thought, it must be just the previews. Not the first time the stuff leading up to the movie is in stereo and the movie that follows is in Dolby or DSS or whatever the latest buzzword is. But of course this audio wasn’t even in stereo because the sound was coming from only one direction – right in front of me (where the screen is) – and I could just about make out what they were saying. Wait a minute, is this MONO? No way, I thought to myself. That’s not possible. Ah, the previews are over, the movie begins, surely everything will be fine now. There’s the production house banner – OMG the hiss is still there! The movie starts and yes, it’s still there. I can just about make out what the actors are saying over that annoying hiss and I start to realize that the four speakers on the left and right walls are just for show – I wonder if they are just empty enclosures – not the best publicity for Bose I tell you.

I somehow sit through the first scene and just as Jack Sparrow, correction “Captain” Jack Sparrow, is about to make his first appearance on screen (or so I think, because I never made it that far) I decide enough is enough, I don’t need to put up with this. By the way talking about sadda Johnny Deep Singh an Edward “Scissorpaws” reference on Frasier as I type this – some coincidence, eh? I walk out of the hall and happen to catch the “projectionist” just as I am moving out. What the hell is the matter with the audio I ask him, what’s with that noise? He replies with the M word. “No problem, the audio is mono”. AARGH!!! How can you even utter those words with a straight face?!!!! He added we have a digital print (with great audio I presume) but this screen has only mono audio. That would explain all the noise because to make an audio signal distributed over 5 channels audible with only one, you would have to make it exceptionally loud, bringing in all the noise. Well, that is putting it in simple terms – which is the best I can do.

Anyways, atleast the guy was understanding when I said mono sound is unacceptable to me and he took me straight to the manager/ owner who gave me a refund, no further questions asked. I didn’t expect them to be this “co-operative” to be honest, which is why I even considered sitting through the movie – but 23 seconds after the thought entered my head, I realized I just couldn’t do it – refund or no refund. I don’t know how the other half-a-dozen people watching the movie could put up with that crap! This multiplex has 3 screens, so I naturally asked if the other two had mono sound as well. Thankfully, the answer was no. Ah, great. So I pay 25% more than the guys in the other theaters (because English movie tickets are more expensive than Hindi movies which were playing on the other two screens – go figure) and I’m the one who gets mono audio! Ain’t life grand?

Take my advice, if you are in Muscat and you see a movie playing at Al Nasr screen number 3, don’t bother.