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It’s official

Before you say, I know you can buy it in the grey market for a minor premium over the dollar price, but it’s good to know that the iPhone is finally coming to India officially.

So the “coming to Asia in second half of 2008” bit was right after all. At that time I thought by Asia, Apple perhaps means Singapore, but looks like India will be the first Asian country to get the iPhone! Unless some operators have deals ready to be announced for other countries, which can’t be ruled out.

Free live Premier League/ Champions League/ FA Cup SMS updates

Note 2: This post is no longer current. Refer this page for an updated list of users.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Twitter or any of their partners. Twitter just happens to be the perfect medium for implementing something like this for free. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get down to the fun part.

For experienced Twitter users
Start following the user(s) of your choice. List of users at the end of this post.

For Twitter newbies

  1. Signup with Twitter, if you haven’t already. (What is Twitter?)
  2. If you wish to receive updates over SMS, verify your phone. Those outside the US, might want to check out this page as well.
  3. If you wish to receive updates over IM, verify your IM id. 24 Sep ’08: Seems Twitter has disabled IM support.
  4. Start “following” the user(s) of your choice. List of users at the end of this post. Remember to turn on the notifications.

For general help on getting started with Twitter, including how to temporarily disable these alerts if you wish, go through the official Twitter FAQ.

Possible questions
Q) How often is an update posted?
A) Every time a player is booked/ sent-off or a goal is scored in the competition.
4 Jan ’09: Added kick-off, half time and full time updates as per Darren’s request.

Q) How do I track the scores via RSS?
A) Use the feed at the respective pages linked below.

Q) What’s with a different Twitter user for each team?
A) You might want to track the progress of selected teams only. Follow your favourite teams and you’ll be notified every time an event happens in the match involving those teams.

For example, if you start following Liverpool and there’s a Liverpool vs Aston Villa match going on, you’ll be notified every time a player is booked/ sent-off from either of those teams or when a player from either side scores a goal in that match.

Q) What’s with “All teams” Twitter user?
A) If you start following this user, you’ll receive an update whenever a player is booked/ sent-off or a goal is scored in any of the matches in the competition.

For those interested but not smart enough to figure this out by now, that means in effect, every event in the competition is posted as an update in 3 different Twitter users – that of the home team, the away team and the all teams user.

Q) What do the updates look like?
A) (Sample alerts only, I know Andorra and Estonia don’t play in the EPL!)

73′ Lima (Andorra) booked. Live score Estonia 1-1 Andorra.
87′ Silva (Andorra) scores! Live score Estonia 2-1 Andorra.
90′ Zelinski (Estonia) sent-off! Live score Estonia 2-1 Andorra.

I am facilitating this service free of cost on as-is basis. Though I have tested it and everything should be fine, if you do not receive the updates or receive multiple updates or your cell-phone/ IM goes up in smoke because of this (i am just kidding, that won’t happen), please do not try to hunt me down.

Constructive feedback is welcome.

Start following
Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Derby County
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Stoke City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromich Albion
West Ham United
Wigan Athletic

Premier League – All teams

Champions League – All teams

FA Cup – All teams

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500 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan?

Sample this conversation over IM with Amitabh last week:

Amitabh: u know apple shd come up with an offer that they will pay for all early terminations
Amitabh: people who wanna get the iphone but r not on att
Amitabh: u can only imagine the business that wd bring to att
Amitabh: 😉
Kunal: why do that when people will willingly pay themselves and come to them!
Amitabh: 🙂

Turns out, I wasn’t way off the mark as John Gruber linked to this:

Interpret’s survey also bodes well for AT&T. Half the buyers switched from another carrier. Of those, 35% paid an average $167 to break a contract.

167 dollars average to break the contract – that’s a third of the cost of the 4 GB iPhone, not a trivial amount by any means.

Obviously, people want it, and want it bad – and that’s because their current phones suck. Considering all expenses (phone + activation + commitment + early termination, if any), an iPhone will set you back by around 2000 USD over 2 years – if you stay within the “free minutes” or whatever they call it in the US.

It might be the “most expensive phone in the world” – but the customers are happy to pay for it and Apple + AT&T are obviously happy with it’s success. Everybody wins? Try telling that to Steve Ballmer.

Enough with the iPhone already

Less than a couple of hours till the most anticipated launch ever. Time to go to sleep and wake up to a plethora of “personal” reviews from the early adopters I’m sure.

My M600i fell down today and got a couple of minor scratches. I think someone wants me to get a new phone. :p

Here’s one for all the iPhone doubters and everyone who claims to be sick of all the “iPhone hype”.


via Lígia Rodrigues.

Switch to Airtel is a good Idea

I have moved to Airtel as it offers me one “Value Added Service” that Idea never did – I can sit in my room AND have a functional mobile at the same time!

I am looking forward to not running out of the room in half asleep state when I get a call early in the morning. I am looking forward to people not complaining about how they had been trying to reach me for the past half hour only to be greeted by “the Idea mobile you are trying to call is out of coverage area” – damn right, I was out of coverage area you jerks, that area is my room in the heart of the city.

I am looking forward to no “cross connections” – believe it or not – which had become a common occurrence on Idea recently – imagine hearing random conversations during the middle of your own. I am looking forward to my mobile not dictating the choice of room I sit in – I guess I should sit in the living room as I am expecting a call.

I am looking forward to getting my life back.

PS – My new no. is mentioned at the foot of this page (for website readers only).

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Taking it easy

As of 40 minutes ago, I have decided not to let the Reds affect my mood the way they have done for the past half a dozen years or so. That is not to say that I will be supporting them with any less fervour, but I will try to curb the win-and-I-love-life and the draw-or-worse-and-I-hate-myself (until the next game, when the cycle repeats) pattern that my life revolves around. Of course, how successful I will be remains to be seen (to be honest, I don’t think I have a chance with this “hands-off” style of support, that just isn’t me), but let’s give this a shot. No more obsessive checking of Newsnow every 5 minutes (on non-match days also), no more RAWK, no more thinking about formations during tea breaks.

Aside from the Reds’ away form in the premiership (there I go again!), I have had little to complaint off late. Things been pretty hectic at work (up to 6 days a week now), bordering on the unmanageable as far as deadlines and pressure are concerned, but when I contrast that with the times I longed for meaningful work a couple of years back, you won’t hear me complaining too loud. Thankfully, there’s a break round the corner and I am looking forward to enjoying the nice Delhi weather at this time of the year with some good Vodka as well as catching up with friends and family.

All that should explain the lack of action around here – and whatever little time I have had, I have blown away in a newly discovered fetish – pumping iron et al, which of course sucks out whatever little is left in the tank at the end of the day. Thankfully, it hasn’t yet turned into an obsession (and something tells me it never will) so I allow myself off days like today which in turn allows you to read meaningless drivel like this!

Amongst other things, I completed 1 year with my current employer a couple of days back – a big, big thing in my part of the world. As an anniversary gift to myself (okay, I decide to masquerade it as a gift as an afterthought), I got myself a shiny new iPod video 80 GB (yes, it’s black) – hey, the price was too good to refuse! I was out shopping for a M2 card for my phone to allow me to listen to music while travelling/ gym-ing, but those chips don’t look like settling at a decent price anytime soon – so I bought something that costs 6 times instead! Genius! I thought of getting a 30 GB video iPod as the music “warehouse” AND :p a 2 GB Nano for the gym, but settled on the biggest, meanest iPod out there instead. Zune what? Still need to solve the gym music problem though.

Some more feedback on the phone like I promised. The M600i has been by and large nice – especially since I upgraded the firmware. I can actually view the messages with the email client now! And I don’t recall any “out of memory” messages since the upgrade either. There have been a few lockups while using IMAP mail that have required me to reinsert the battery (force reboot), especially when the connection quality has been dodgy, but hey nothing’s perfect, right? Also, I am still looking for a decent (preferably free) Yahoo! Messenger client. I have tried IM+ and it does okay for most part, but surely there’s something better out there (no, Elite Messenger doesn’t cut it either). BTW why don’t Yahoo! and others have official IM clients for the mobile platforms yet?!! Crazy.

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A quickish update

Ah, the joys of having tea at 12:45 in the night! (I don’t like to call it morning just because it’s the next day/ date).

The six day Id vacation is over n done with and I’m back at work. Was more than a bit under the weather towards the latter part of the “break”, but almost back to perfect health now. Slept close to 12 hours straight last night, which is huuuuuuuge by my standards, but then if you consider I didn’t sleep for a second the night before, it comes close to evening itself out. Got meself a new phone after much deliberation – a M600i, first recommended by Kashyap. Mayank commented on how I had now gone for a “convergent” device (or a PDA + phone hybrid in any case), after having been in favour of specialist devices, but the truth is I still am in the “individual devices” camp and I’d even considered going down the Palm TX + cheap-bluetooth-EDGE phone, but I faced the same problem as last time i.e. there’s no such freakin’ thing as a “cheap-bluetooth-EDGE phone”, now that the 6021 has been discontinued.

I was having a tough time deciding when I thought, what the heck, let’s go for the M600i and we’ll see how things turn out – it’s a matter of 450 odd US dollars in any case (when you consider the phone and the 1 gig memory card) – tongue firmly in cheek. Not that I thought it’s a bad phone – anything but. It’s just the M2 that was the stumbling block for me – I don’t like proprietary formats and this new-format-a-month thing that Sony seems to be doing isn’t winning me over.

Anyways, my initial impressions of the phone have been mostly positive – especially the keyboard and the copy (from) anywhere-paste (to) anywhere thing that it has going. I must say thought that I haven’t had a chance to “play” with it as much as I would like or normally do with my “toys”. It doesn’t seem to be as responsive as I’d like it to be, but maybe that’s just me and my first time with a touch screen etc. I loved the “landscape” mode in the browser, though the fact I had to horizontal scroll a page was a bummer – maybe I should use the zoom option to try and fit more of that page at a readable level next time. Haven’t even upgraded the firmware yet or downloaded any custom applications – will try and post more of my impressions of the phone in due time. I think upgrading the browser (it’s Opera, right?) to the latest version might fix that horizontal scroll “problem” as well.

Received a bunch of books I’d ordered from Amazon and I am more than halfway through reading iWoz, the story of one of the smartest persons the world has ever seen, in (more or less) the words of the great man himself. That man knew what a diode is (was?) at the age of four – four! And boy did he make use of that brain of his – no use having a great mind if you are a lazy git (i’m looking at you, person in the mirror) – there’s a weird combination of pomposity and good old-fashioned self deprecation in one sentence for you right there.

Have also received the Hillegass and Kochan books – so now I have absolutely no excuse not to write that Cocoa application I keep designing in my head.

Now if only they developed a cure for procrastination, things would be pretty darn perfect.

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Lost me phone

I have officially joined the ranks of careless jerks who manage to lose their phone. Yes, I’ve lost my Nokia 6021 and more importantly the data on it. While I should (might?) have a backup of the phonebook somewhere, around half-a-dozen sent mails and some other private notes are now gone. Forever. How I hate when that happens. It hasn’t been a particularly lucky phone when I think about it – I lost a bunch of messages that I would have liked to keep when I was transferring the phone book from the previous phone to the 6021. It might have been my fault, but Nokia software should be more explicit in stating if you restore the backup of one phone onto another, it will erase everything that’s already present in the target phone!! Aargh.

Anyways, I had long come to terms with that loss and had recently been thinking of switching to the Treo 700p ((yes, i am not as averse to the idea of having a camera in my phone as I was before)) (when the GSM version comes out) or the rumoured iPhone that is now almost certain to come out by the end of the year, unless his Steviness has a change of heart, even though the Nokia I had was less than an year old. Treo 650 was another option, especially as I thought I could get it at a much better price than the other two. Maybe the Nokia got wind of my idea, even though I was careful not to discuss this when it was around, and decided to run off with someone who it thought would be more appreciative. Oh come back my phone, I’ll take better care of you I promise and not cast lusty looks at the Palms and the Apples (or not!).

So in the rare case that you’ve been trying to get in touch with me for the past few days, this is the reason why. And yes, I’m in no rush to get a replacement, so if you want to get in touch with me, email or IM is the only way (just as I like!). It’ll be nice to go back to the time, albeit for a few days/ weeks, when you didn’t have to have one (phone) on you all the time.

And yes, I almost forgot, drop in your latest contact details please will ya – I think the backup of my phonebook (if one exists) is on the PC back home which I have no access to at the moment. Cheers.