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RAOTW – Wireless USB

Nothing much happening at all anywhere (or so it seems), so let’s go back to take a look at a technology of which I’ve heard a lot less than I expected to when I wrote this article around the same time last year. I wonder what’s happening on this front – yet another item added to the always-growing-never-shrinking to-do list.

Also, stay away from Mr and Mrs Smith – do not let your friends talk into seeing it no matter what. Give the money you would spend to charity instead – I promise you the movie isn’t worth it.

RAOTW – DivX Internals

Here’s a layman’s guide to how DivX works.

PS – In case you’ve been wondering (for weeks) what RAOTW is, it stands for “Random Article Of The Week” – innovative or what?!! Consider this as a feature where I take you back to one of my “retro” articles; articles that are still relevant of course.

Handhelds revisited – Palm Tungsten C/ T3

The Palm Tungsten C
The lean mean business machine

The Palm Tungsten means business. It runs Palm OS 5.2.1, is powered by a 400 MHz Intel XScale chip and ships with 64 MB of RAM. The Secure Digital/ Multi Media Card (SD/MMC) expansion slot lets you push the capacity of your Palm by an additional 512 MB.

It features a 65,000 color trans-reflective screen and an integrated keyboard just below it. You will find a five-way navigator, and four function buttons at the bottom. Your communication options include Wi-Fi and IR.

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Handhelds revisited – Dell Axim X30

I found a few write-ups on specific PDAs lying around on my system today. These write-ups were never used where they were intended, so in the spirit of recycling I have decided to post them here. As you can see they’re kinda crisp and to the point – as much information packed into a 30 second reading routine as possible.

Dell Axim X30
“The powerhouse”

It may seem like an ordinary PDA until you look under the hood. If you���re the type Continue reading

RAOTW – Cell Processor

A recent article that looks at the the cell processor, supposed to be the next big thing as far as processors are concerned. The highly anticipated PS3, will be powered by one of these babies.

Wrote this one for the January issue of PCQ. Read it here.

RAOTW – The MPEG Evolution

A brand new feature… where I point you to one of my articles. Some of these articles were written a while back, but I’ll post only ones that are equally “fresh” today as well.

The MPEG Evloution and How MPEG works
In this article, I take a look at how MPEG has evolved over the years and, in very basic terms, try to explain how the MPEG compression works. So if you’ve always wondered what the hell MPEG stands for or want to know a bit more than that, click here.

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Alternate Careers for IT professionals (contd)

This should tell you how serious I am about this daily updates thing ��� I���m on dialup right now!! The meter���s running, so here you go.

Unusual Careers for IT professionals – Part 2

Sports Technology

So you love sports, eh? Eat, drink and sleep cricket, soccer or any other sport? And of course you consider yourself to be a tech buff as well. So why not consider Continue reading

Alternate Careers for IT professionals

In this 3 part series (a part a day) I’ll take a look at some of the options techies can consider when looking to do something “different”. They aren’t “build-an-egg-farm-the-hi-tech-way” kind of unusual – I leave those kind for you to find out. These are careers you’re definitely aware of, but may not necessarily be aware how easy or difficult making the switch can be.

I wrote this for PCQ originally but they never got around to publishing it – don’t ask me why. So you may find that I have “toned myself down” a little bit here – go figure. There might be a few India specific references in the article as well which I can’t be Continue reading