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Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Worst Website.

I went to a Papa John’s outlet last month and I must say I was impressed by the quality of their pizzas. Better Ingredients and Better Pizza than any I had before alright. So when it came time for my weekly fix of order-in Pizza, I thought I would give them a call. A couple of weeks later, I still haven’t been able to do that, because their website won’t show me their contact number or the menu. Except for the welcome page, everything else shows up as this:

This could well be a Mac only issue, but in this stane-age, that doesn’t cut it I’m afraid.
And Amitabh’s just confirmed Windows user can’t access the site either – some other error though.

I am not even talking about “fancy” stuff like taking orders online, albeit, that is now the standard in many parts of the world. You have got something like 10 pages on the site and even those links don’t work properly. Question for the site developers – what the hell do you need .Net for? From the look of things (none of the pages work, so I have no idea about the content, mind) this site could be done in plain, static HTML, without any frills.

Get your act (site) together Papa John’s.

PS – I admit, it wouldn’t have been too hard to locate the number of the closest outlet at, say Just Dial, but something like this leaves a bad taste in the mouth (pardon the pun) and puts you off the whole process. I ended up calling my regular Pizza joint instead.

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The Bill everyone loves to… love!

Lines that stood out for me from Bill Gates’ remarks at Harvard:

I remember going to Davos some years back and sitting on a global health panel that was discussing ways to save millions of lives. Millions! Think of the thrill of saving just one person’s life – then multiply that by millions. … Yet this was the most boring panel I’ve ever been on – ever. So boring even I couldn’t bear it.

What made that experience especially striking was that I had just come from an event where we were introducing version 13 of some piece of software, and we had people jumping and shouting with excitement. I love getting people excited about software – but why can’t we generate even more excitement for saving lives?

He spoke about issues close to his heart, but he started off with a couple of jokes, which is always a nice way to start, and made me think, again (( Remember AllThingsD and the “I am not Fake Steve Jobs” remark, again, right at the start? Either this guy is good or well tutored :p Ya ya, once a Microsoft cynic, always a cynic. )), not bad, this guy has a sense of humor (( There’s no such thing as a good sense of humor or bad sense of humor. You either have a sense of humor, or you don’t. )).

I want to thank Harvard for this timely honor. I’ll be changing my job next year … and it will be nice to finally have a college degree on my resume.

I applaud the graduates today for taking a much more direct route to your degrees. For my part, I’m just happy that the Crimson has called me “Harvard’s most successful dropout.” I guess that makes me valedictorian of my own special class … I did the best of everyone who failed.

But I also want to be recognized as the guy who got Steve Ballmer to drop out of business school. I’m a bad influence. That’s why I was invited to speak at your graduation. If I had spoken at your orientation, fewer of you might be here today.

And this little gem:

Radcliffe was a great place to live. There were more women up there, and most of the guys were science-math types. That combination offered me the best odds, if you know what I mean. This is where I learned the sad lesson that improving your odds doesn’t guarantee success.

Keep up all the good work Bill, the world appreciates it. Needless to say, I am talking about all non-technical projects.

Fire Sale

Selling the following items, bought within the last year, all in mint condition with original bills, manuals etc.

Item Expected price (INR)
Sony Ericsson M600i 10,000 Sold
iPod 5.5G 80 GB 17,000
Sony PSP with one game 7,000

Prices are negotiable. If you need details, please feel free to contact me.

/Emotion v1.0

A set of AppleScripts for Adium that makes hard to remember emoticons, easy to use.

Feel like giving someone a “big hug” but don’t remember what to type and too lazy to find it in the list of emoticons? You are going to love this.

Just type /hug or use %_hug in the middle of any sentence and watch it being replaced by big hug when you press Enter.

This set works with all Yahoo Messenger emoticons documented as on date. For a complete list of emoticons and their corresponding commands, please visit this page.

Please visit the official page of /Emotion on the Adium Xtras site to install.

Since this set of scripts has been made with the Yahoo! Messenger emoticons as reference, it works best with the set of all Yahoo Messenger emoticons installed and activated.

Documentation for /Emotion v1.0

Old style New style Result Image Description
/happy %_happy 🙂 happy happy
/sad %_sad 🙁 sad sad
/wink %_wink 😉 winking winking
/grin %_grin 😀 big grin big grin
/bat %_bat ;;) batting eyelashes batting eyelashes
/hug %_hug >:Dtd> big hug big hug
/confused %_confused :-/ confused confused
/love %_love 😡 love struck love struck
/blush %_blush :”> blushing blushing
/tongue %_tongue 😛 tongue tongue
/kiss %_kiss :-* kiss kiss
/broken %_broken =(( broken heart broken heart
/surprise %_surprise :-O surprise surprise
/angry %_angry X( angry angry
/smug %_smug :> smug smug
/cool %_cool B-) cool cool
/worried %_worried :-S worried worried
/whew %_whew #:-S whew! whew!
/devil %_devil >:) devil devil
/cry %_cry :(( crying crying
/lol %_lol :)) laughing laughing
/straight %_straight 😐 straight face straight face
/raised %_raised /:) raised eyebrow raised eyebrow
/rotfl %_rotfl =)) rolling on the floor rolling on the floor
/angel %_angel O:-) angel angel
/nerd %_nerd :-B nerd nerd
/hand %_hand =; talk to the hand talk to the hand
/call %_call :-c call me call me
/phone %_phone :)] on the phone on the phone
/wit %_wit ~X( at wits' end at wits’ end
/wave %_wave :-h wave wave
/time %_time :-t time out time out
/dream %_dream 8-> daydreaming daydreaming
/sleepy %_sleepy I-) sleepy sleepy
/roll %_roll 8-| rolling eyes rolling eyes
/loser %_loser L-) loser loser
/sick %_sick :-& sick sick
/notell %_notell :-$ don't tell anyone don’t tell anyone
/notalk %_notalk [-( not talking not talking
/clown %_clown :O) clown clown
/silly %_silly 8-} silly silly
/party %_party <:-P> party party
/yawn %_yawn (:| yawn yawn
/drool %_drool =P~ drooling drooling
/think %_think 😕 thinking thinking
/duh %_duh #-o d'oh d’oh
/applause %_applause =D> applause applause
/nails %_nails :-SS nailbiting nailbiting
/hyp %_hyp @-) hypnotized hypnotized
/liar %_liar :^o liar liar
/waiting %_waiting :-w waiting waiting
/sigh %_sigh :-td> sigh sigh
/phb %_phb >:P phbbbbt phbbbbt
/cowboy %_cowboy <):)> cowboy cowboy
/puppy %_puppy :o3 puppy dog eyes puppy dog eyes
/dunno %_dunno :-?? I don't know I don’t know
/nolisten %_nolisten %-( not listening not listening
/pig %_pig :@) pig pig
/cow %_cow 3:-O cow cow
/monkey %_monkey :(|) monkey monkey
/chicken %_chicken ~:> chicken chicken
/rose %_rose @};- rose rose
/luck %_luck %%- good luck good luck
/sam %_sam **== flag flag
/pumpkin %_pumpkin (~~) pumpkin pumpkin
/coffee %_coffee ~o) coffee coffee
/idea %_idea *-:) idea idea
/skull %_skull 8-X skull skull
/bug %_bug =:) bug bug
/alien %_alien >-) alien alien
/frust %_frust :-L frustrated frustrated
/pray %_pray [-Otd> praying praying
/money %_money $-) money eyes money eyes
/whistle %_whistle :-“ whistling whistling
/beat %_beat b-( feeling beat up feeling beat up
/peace %_peace :)>- peace sign peace sign
/shame %_shame [-X shame on you shame on you
/dance %_dance :D/ dancing dancing
/bring %_bring >:/ bring it on bring it on
/hee %_hee ;)) hee hee hee hee
/chatter %_chatter :-@ chatterbox chatterbox
/bow %_bow ^:)^ not worthy not worthy
/goon %_goon :-j oh go on oh go on
/star %_star (*) star star
/hiro %_hiro o-> hiro hiro
/billy %_billy o=> billy billy
/april %_april o-+ april april
/yin %_yin (%) yin yang yin yang

More information on /Emotion.
To Install /Emotion please visit this page.

500 dollars? Fully subsidized? With a plan?

Sample this conversation over IM with Amitabh last week:

Amitabh: u know apple shd come up with an offer that they will pay for all early terminations
Amitabh: people who wanna get the iphone but r not on att
Amitabh: u can only imagine the business that wd bring to att
Amitabh: 😉
Kunal: why do that when people will willingly pay themselves and come to them!
Amitabh: 🙂

Turns out, I wasn’t way off the mark as John Gruber linked to this:

Interpret’s survey also bodes well for AT&T. Half the buyers switched from another carrier. Of those, 35% paid an average $167 to break a contract.

167 dollars average to break the contract – that’s a third of the cost of the 4 GB iPhone, not a trivial amount by any means.

Obviously, people want it, and want it bad – and that’s because their current phones suck. Considering all expenses (phone + activation + commitment + early termination, if any), an iPhone will set you back by around 2000 USD over 2 years – if you stay within the “free minutes” or whatever they call it in the US.

It might be the “most expensive phone in the world” – but the customers are happy to pay for it and Apple + AT&T are obviously happy with it’s success. Everybody wins? Try telling that to Steve Ballmer.

The Susie

Here’s an example of why Seinfeld rocks.

This is the transcript of the “teaser” before The Susie. (( Surprisingly I couldn’t find this transcript online. I guess when Stan the Caddy misses it, all the sites carrying “original” scripts do. I ended up typing it up myself.))

(George and Elaine riding in the back of a cab)

George: Hey, if I were a gigolo, how much do you think I could charge a night?
Elaine: Here, or in Japan?
George: What’s the difference?
Elaine: Well, the Japanese are more enlightened. They can see beyond the physical.
George: Forget Japan, how much would you pay?
Elaine: Oh, I don’t know. A dollar?
George: I think I am worth atleast 300.
Elaine (laughs): I don’t think so!
George: Hey, it’s for all night!
Elaine: I know!
George: You are demeaning me.
Elaine: You are a gigolo!
George: Well, you hired me. I am the victim here.
Elaine: Did I force you into this line?
George: Yes. You and every woman like you.

And that’s not even a Larry David. Well done Mr. David Mande.