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I am living the dream

Still, if they were pushed out, why would smart, professional women insist that they chose to stay home? Because that’s the most emotionally healthy course: wanting what you’ve got. “That’s really one of the agreed-upon principles of human nature. People want their attitudes and behavior to be in sync,” said Amy Cuddy, an assistant professor in the management and organizations department at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. “People who’ve left promising careers to stay home with their kids aren’t going to say, ‘I was forced out. I really want to be there.’ It gives people a sense of control that they may not actually have.”

Quote from The Opt-Out Myth.

Reminds me of “entrepreneurs” who “always wanted to join the family business”.

Must Watch TV

If you are allowed to watch content from only one source for the rest of your lives, please, please, PLEASE let it be TEDTalks.

Each year, TED hosts some of the world’s most fascinating people: Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses. The talks they deliver have had had such a great impact, we thought they deserved a wider audience.

I’ll talk about specific talks I liked in followup posts. In the meanwhile grab as many talks as you can and watch something sensible for a change! These are not a bunch of nerds or professors giving boring lectures, but these are entertaining talks that force you to pause and think (bet you hate to do that!). Trust me on this, go ahead and watch this stuff – you won’t regret it.

May I recommend starting with Mr. Hans Rosling (download) or Mr. Malcom Gladwell (download).

Wouldn’t that be a sweet sight!

…a weeping Gary Neville sitting on the turf in Athens as Steven Gerrard lifts the greatest club prize of all. Again.

An article that reflects on the CL draw for the quarters and beyond.

By the way, the break/ vacation is going quite well (see proof, below) and there’s atleast one aspect of it I want to write about – but that’s for later.

At Bhim Tal

Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad

Russell Peters is on a tour of India and will be performing in Delhi on Wednesday. Shock horror (seriously) – Delhi-ites have dished out the money (Delhi-ites are famous for holding out for a “pass” till the last moment) and the show was sold out in record time (or so I am told).

Another great example of the power of YouTube/ P2P/ Internet as a marketing tool, albeit the marketing is “incidental” in most cases and not planned. Peters has acquired quite a fan following all across the globe (even Oman!) thanks to clips of his performance being available on YouTube etc. What this means is that when this guy is on tour, tickets often get sold out in a couple of hours without the need of any kind of major advertising whatsoever. Such things might be common for major acts like Rolling Stones, but for a Russell Peters (with due respect) to have that kind of a effect, you can thank YouTube and P2P. Now only if the entertainment industry could learn to channelize this power properly, instead of trying to cease and desist, they would reap the benefits of more sold out shows all across the globe.

A less for independent artists as well – five simple steps towards making a living off your passion:

1) Record your performances.
2) Put them on YouTube.
3) Create a buzz.
4) Tour.
5) Profit!

It’s as simple as that 😉

Seriously, the field is wide open these days for no-name artists to become big-name artists with practically no expense whatsoever. You might see some practical examples of that coming pretty soon on a blog near you. Hint hint 😉

Coming back to the performance on Wednesday, in the rare case that someone reading this has a spare ticket, give me a buzz.

I’ll be in town… I think

For anyone looking to catchup, I’ll be in Delhi for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be available on my usual Delhi number – if I can manage to board a flight today that is.

Yes, I don’t have a confirmed seat as yet and yes, that is how I function – advanced booking is for sissies! People like to plan their travel, and I like to plan to, but I just don’t like acting on the plans until I absolutely must.

Why should I do all my shopping well in advance, when I can wait till the last minute and pay through the roof for something that is available for half the price in another shop, the shop I no longer have the time to go to? You little cheap-stake-buying-all-your-stuff-in-peace you.

Why book my tickets when I know the date of travel a month in advance, when I can wait till less than a week before and be put on the waiting list or whatever the kids are calling “not-having-a-booking” these days? Real men get up early in the morning on the travel date and go to the airlines office to see if they have enough frequent fliers miles to get an upgrade to business class (didn’t you read economy is full?!), only to be told you have to actually mention your membership number when you travel – clutching a bunch of boarding passes won’t qualify for any on-the-spot upgrades.

Allow me to paraphrase last year’s Academy Award winning song to sum things up:

It’s messed up how I live, but that’s just how it is
It might be new to you, but it’s been like this for years

It’s business as usual around here – see you in Delhi!