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Okay I wrote about the so called rift between Cisse and Rafa and how Rafa didn’t even look at Cisse when he scored or something like that. This is what a forum regular had to say about that over at LFC Online:

I doubt Rafa even celebrated when his first daughter was born.

He probably just put a thumbs up, wrote some notes down and told his wife to get back into posistion and keep it tight.

A little bit cheesy of course but real funny alright 😀

You can buy luck now?

Unbelievable – Chelsea have had just once convincing performance and that too against the “mighty” West Brom and still they have full 12 points. First the game against Wigan when the newly promoted side had the champs on the mat only for a stroke of genius by Hernan Cresp to give the Blues full points with virtually last kick of the game. I’ve never felt sadder at a non-Liverpool loss considering the effort the newbies had put in that day. Then Drogba with that flukest of all flukes (whatever that means) to win the game against Arsenal. And Duff’s goal against Spurs today – a complete mis-kick going in when Spurs had Chelski under a lot of pressure and threatened to equalize. Does the bucketful of oil money come with truckloads of luck as well? Argh whatever.

Meanwhile we’ve played two “thankless” games. First the CSKA Sofia game at Anfield in which the finishing was awful from what I read. Anyways the tie was in the bag and it’s just like last season, losing at that stage and, like Rafa pointed out, we all know where our Champions League journey finished last year. So it’s a bit of an omen – of course I’m being optimistic but that’s just because:

a) I didn’t see the game.

b) I don’t like to be overly critical of anyone related to LFC.

Then the meaningless Super Cup – all we got out of the game was see Carra lift his first trophy as a captain and 1 game suspensions for a couple of our guys – if I heard the guy(s?) on the telly correctly late last night. Man I need to get my TV connection fixed – I had to concentrate so darn hard to make sense of the proceedings – the reception was (is) that bad – nothing wrong with the set itself (I hope!). Damn you cable guy. Been flirting with thoughts of getting DTH installed but until they get the Star package (Zee owns DishTV so no Star channels) it makes little sense – no it isn’t for the daily dose of Baas and Bahus but for Monday night comedies (it’s been ages since I watched them – are you still on the telly Doctors Becker and Crane?) and Movies. Anyways word on the street is Star (Hathway) and Tata are about to launch their own DTH service as well. We should see them reach an agreement about carrying each other’s channels then. So I’m at the cable guy’s mercy till then.

Back to the game, looked like I was watching what I’d read about the previous game, happen for real. Despite being the better side we never looked like scoring – until Cisse came on. Got a lucky break with the first one (finally some luck coming our way!!) but did well to finish the second off the rebound and then set up Garcia for the third with a pin-point cross. There were some cold vibes between him and Rafa during the match from what I read today – much worse than what I’d noticed during the match myself (TV to be blamed again?). As much as I would like to see Owen back there’s no way in hell should we have to sell Cisse to see that happen – where the heck is all the money for the CL win if it’s come to selling Cisse for financial reasons. Set aside for the new stadium? Used to pay off old debts? Questions that’ll be answered in the next 5 days for sure. I’m hoping for 3 arrivals during that time and if any striker has to depart it shouldn’t be Cisse. Enough said.

PS – There were chants of “There’s only one Michael Owen” at the game last night during the time it looked we couldn’t get a goal for money or luck (yes luck). Until the Lord of the Manor of Frodsham came to the party.


This is one of the rare “personal” posts – well as personal as I can afford to be around here.

I know I’ve been slipping backwards as far as activity around here is concerned – general laziness and lack of ammo (haven’t read my tech “sources” for almost two weeks) are to be blamed. Plus I’ve been out practically every night for the past few days but no closer to solving the mystery that is life – that is not to say I have been out looking.

The Premier league got underway since I was a regular around here and 4 points from 2 games isn’t too bad a return but the performance against Sunderland was anything but satisfactory. But it’s been an early start this season for the guys and they’re allowed an off day or two especially as we got the full points alright. Also they didn’t hide behind excuses after the game either – Hyppia and Alonso admitting the team was below-par. So fair play to everyone.

It’s been the lack of activity on the transfer front that’s been a little bit frustrating. Every day I go through NewsNow hoping to see some new signings but none have been forthcoming. I suspect we’re just being shrewd as the closer it gets to the transfer deadline the cheaper a player becomes – as long as the buyer isn’t the desperate one of course. Case in point Rafa’s latest comments about an interest in Kuyt. Initially I was shocked/ angry that he would choose Kuyt over Owen but on second thoughts it now seems an attempt to put some pressure on Madrid to lower Owen’s price – or am I just being hopeful? Personally I would rather have Kuyt than Morientes for a strike force of Crouch, Cisse, Kuyt and Owen but I doubt Nando’s going anywhere.

PS – If being sick fuels an avalanche of posts, I guess I’ve been feelin’ way too damn good recently!

Visit a “sale” at your own risk

Maybe they should make it mandatory for all sales advertisements in the great US of A to come with a statutory warning – “Visiting the store during the sale can cause bodily harm”. It might well be in business interest in the lawsuit capital of the world. Sample this.

A rush to purchase $50 used laptops turned into a violent stampede Tuesday, with people getting thrown to the pavement, beaten with a folding chair and nearly driven over. One woman went so far to wet herself rather than surrender her place in line.

That is CNN’s version of events. Here’s another page that links to some video footage as well. Of course the only stampedes we have here in India are at the religious gatherings and people actually die which is tragic of course but I’m yet to hear of any stampedes at sales.

But this is nothing new to America. In holiday season 2003 a 41-year-old woman looking to lay her hands on a 29 USD DVD player was crushed and knocked unconscious at a Wal-Mart sale. Survival of the fittest? More like goodies for the fittest.


Back in the days when I’d newly discovered the Internet and email, I used to “publish” a newsletter called “The best of Tidsy Bitsy stuff on the Internet” – swell name, isn’t it? Basically what I did was to compile whatever I found interesting on the Internet that week, do a copy-paste job and send it out to everyone I knew (who) had an email address. Ya, it wasn’t exactly “opt-in”, though as it grew popular (read as I got hold of more email addresses) I put in an “opt-out” option, if I remember correctly. Anyways, this post is something like that – a few stories that caught my eyes during the past few days.

This article over at CNET has upset Google so much that no one from Google will be talking to CNET for a year – literally! A case of truth hurts? The jury is still out on that one – remind me to do a write-up on that someday, I have a few things in my head, waiting to come out. Sticking with CNET you can get almost three billion dollars worth of lessons for free.

You’ll like this for sure, especially you Raman. A WiFi hotspot covering 600 square miles in Oregon, USA with speeds that would put most wired connections to shame.

Now one up for India. An English boy will fly to Delhi, India for a spine operation because the queue in hospitals in UK is longer than the ones outside ration shops in India. I guess he’ll save some money as well. Outsourcing goes medical anyone?

Sticking with the UK, the Guardian has an interesting article on Rising, the forthcoming Hindi film. Don’t care much about the guy or the movie, but the article is worth a read.

Talking about movies, saw Saher the night it was released and it’s what I would call an honest movie – really liked it. And yes Mayank, it’s based in the late 90s instead of 2004 because the plot required cell-phones to be introduced mid-way through the movie and not be ubiquotous throughout. Hope that satisifies your query. I agree the director could have paid more attention to detail and ensure that the “errors” you point out shouldn’t have crept in, but that would have been unnecessary effort in my opinion. He wasn’t making a periodical that he needed to go out of his way to ensure that kind of consistencies – a Bisleri bottle in the times of Akbar would have been a staggering mistake alright, but the new packaging, Honda City or CNG Buses being shown to exist just a few years back aren’t reasons enough to crucify the director. It’s a small oversight – I guess he wasn’t counting on too many Virgos with their attention to detail (to borrow your own words) on watching the movie 😉

And one last thing – how good was the test match at Edgbaston! Greatest test match I have ever seen for sure.

PS – Alcohol after a six weeks break is just like having it for the first time – for the first couple of swigs atleast.


I realize now how much she’s just like the others, cold and distant, and many people are like that, women for sure, they’re like a union.

That’s life

“I had a good shot on 5,” he said, “and it was six inches short.” Well done, I said.

“No, no,” he said. “It was six inches short, and it rolled into the water.”

That’s the gist of life right there, ain’t it? Leave it a little short and boom, it’s all over.

I’ve always believed that golf is the game closest to real life and the above quote, taken way out of context from the original article, only reaffirms that belief. More on the similarities between golf and life some other day.

No need for the drains now?

I remember I was at this exhibition once with a friend where a company was proudly displaying their “state-of-the-art” water purification system. We got into a discussion regarding the features and capabilities of the unit with the company representative and during the course of this discussion, the guy went on to claim, perhaps going a tad over the top as he was to later realize at his peril, that you could connect “sewage water” to it’s inlet and it would still give you pure water. “No need to flush our stuff away then, eh?” was what my friend came up with almost instantly. Needless to say, that was the end of the discussion.

NASA has come up with something similar – well almost. A technology that would recycle your urine and make it “safe for drinking”. Would save NASA millions in costs and/ or free up the weight to be used for more important stuff like, well, astronauts!

Of course, some people didn’t need recycling.

Sometimes I scare myself

I was watching a show on Hallmark on Tuesday and it had this case of parents taking the hospital to court because they wanted to operate upon their conjoined twins, which would have meant only one of them would survive. So I drop into K5 and what is their latest story?

Of course the episode is based on a real life incident, but that’s not the point. I might be trivializing a major issue here but these things happen way too often for them to be just a coincidence. You know, the jo-incidence with a ‘c’…