Monthly Archives: July 2005

Of sickness and creative juices

I guess when your body isn’t a hundred percent, the mind tends to function well. Quite contrary to the old saying “health body, healthy mind” (or something like that) but that is what I might explain the fact that I got an unprecedented 4 (meaningful *ahem*) posts out of myself the day before. Now that my health crawls back to normal, expect to see more of nothing around here – too bad I couldn’t get two pieces I’ve been wanting to write for a while during this time. When will I catch a severe cold again *sigh*

Eat my prediction hat

I’m sure UEFA realized many people got a sniff of their crooked designs, so they changed their plans. That’s right. The bad news is there would be Merseyside derby (derbies) in the Champions League 3rd qualifying round. The good news is Everton won’t be making it to the group stage in any case – no way they are getting past Villarreal.

People show up at amazing places

I had this smart line figured out but I can’t recall it right now. The author calls it “Flickr Synchronicity” so I’ll let that be I guess.

I finally met DeWitt for the first time today, at our building’s rooftop party for the Haight Street Fair. It was pretty crazy sitting there on the roof talking to this guy whose weblog I had found through a Google search back when he lived on the other side of the country.

Read the complete original post to see what the fun is all about. I found it pretty “cool” to say the least (read that as “to use a cliche“). You can call it technology reaching places/ impacting our lives as we’d probably not expected 10 years back.

Top 10 downloads of the decade

CNET is featuring a list of the top 10 downloads of the decade since they opened for downloads in 1996. ICQ and Winamp at #1and 2 are no surprise, but Acrobat Reader at a “lowly” #10 is (atleast to me). I guess everyone doesn’t use PDFs (really?!!).

Firefox’s popularity is evident from the fact that it is at #4 already, less than two years after it’s debut. Two old favourites, Winzip and Real Player are at numbers 5 and 9, either side of 3 relatively new entrants. iTunes is up at no. 6 and the latest “hot app”, Skype, is at 8. Sandwiched between them is Ad-aware, which is a sad refelction of what the windows world is like.

The biggest surprise, of course, is the old Napster which finds itself at no. 3. Remember this is a software which hasn’t had a single copy downloaded for years. P2P at it’s earliest best. No wonder they decided to go after it and shut it down – it was that popular.

Hey they do listen!

Seems like I was not the only one who wanted a Bluetooth phone without a camera. I have been crying out loud for months to anyone who was willing to listen, and even to some who weren’t. But there have been none forthcoming. Until now.

Enter the Nokia 6021 – just my kind of phone. No frills, all features.

Almost everyone tells me to shut up, buy a camera phone that has all features I want and to never use the camera, so everybody goes home happy. My reply is to why pay for a feature that I know I’ll never use. I’m sure keeping camera out of a phone will knock off anything between 1-2 K INR (25-45 USD) from the price of a phone. Of course, I’m just guessing, it could be more or less. So why don’t you offer me the exact same phone at the lesser price and I’ll lap it up.

Obviously, there were/ are enough people like me and we’ve been heard. NOW everybody can go home happy – except you ofcourse – you always find something to complain about.

Google Will Eat Itself

Their “mission statement” (?):

“We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on our website With this money we automatically buy Google shares via our Swiss e-banking account. We buy Google via their own advertisment! Google eats itself – but in the end we will own it!”

If this doesn’t make you curious, what will. Read on!