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Technology that works

Everyone’s always highlighting things that don’t work here in India, so I thought for a change let’s talk about something that does, and quite well at that.

Train enquiry allows you to track movement of trains in “real time”. Well, it’s not exactly up-to-the-minute information on the trains but it does give you the (exact) time of departure and the (expected) time of arrival at all major stations along the route of a(ny) train that is currently running. The information is updated every 30-60 mins, so you can get a fair idea of the current position of the train. And it’s pretty accurate too – I can vouch for that!

I’m not sure if too many people know about this but it’s pretty cool to see Indian Railways provide this information online. If they can put this information on a map and have data for multiple trains, I know atleast one person who might drop in to their site just to watch all those trains go by… he he. We seem to have this idea of our railways being stuck in the 19th century, despite all the changes they’ve made recently like the online reservation system (which has been a huge hit). But let’s give some credit where it’s due.

So check the site next time before you leave your house to pickup someone from the station – it might save you the trouble of waiting a couple of hours at the station.

Delhi in Google Maps

Google Maps has gone global but this is the maximum detail in which I can see Delhi in. What? You can’t see it? It’s exactly in the middle of the map – take my word for it. You have no other option do you?

One for the archive

Pearls of wisdom from Steve Jobs to the graduating class at Stanford:

“Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life… Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

“You can’t connect the dots, looking forward… You have to trust that the dots will all connect in the future”

“Sometimes life will hit you like a brick… You’ve got to find what you love. Do what you believe is great work.”

“If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Couldn’t have agreed more or put it better myself.

Edit: 27 June

You can read the full text of the speech or watch it at the Stanford site.

RAOTW – Wireless USB

Nothing much happening at all anywhere (or so it seems), so let’s go back to take a look at a technology of which I’ve heard a lot less than I expected to when I wrote this article around the same time last year. I wonder what’s happening on this front – yet another item added to the always-growing-never-shrinking to-do list.

Also, stay away from Mr and Mrs Smith – do not let your friends talk into seeing it no matter what. Give the money you would spend to charity instead – I promise you the movie isn’t worth it.

Switching servers

If you’re reading this, then the switch has been successfully completed. I am switching to a new host as my old one has decided to shut shop and not take any renewals when my current account expires in less than a month’s time – not that I would have stayed with them anyways.

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The day after

As you would expect, anybody’s who’s anybody has his or her own views on Apple’s announcement from yesterday. Amongst all the hype and FUD, I found these two to be more sensible than most.