Monthly Archives: May 2005

Glad to be back

I was in Kabul on an official trip for the best part of last 3 weeks, which should explain the lack of updates around here. Of course a lot has happened in the meanwhile, most of it absolutely amazing. Expect to see more activity once I settle back to my routine around here, which hasn’t been helped by a bit of dodgy health since I came back on Friday.

See you around.

New Adium

A new version of Adium has been released.

For those wondering, Adium is perhaps the best multi-protocol IM client for Mac OS X. Version 0.80 delivers many new features, some of which I’ve been hoping to see for quite a while. Especially login as invisible, which means I can safely now remove Fire, which is good, but isn’t as good as Adium!

Yahoo! delivers the gig

My Yahoo! mailbox has (finally) gone up to the “promised” 1 GB. About time I say!

And a brand new login page as well. Haven’t noticed any other changes so far, but maybe there’s more which I haven’t come across so far. Lets see…

But money won’t buy you passion

Other contenders for the title of this post

“Mrs. Benitez’s still on course for a new watch


“1.5 million pounds for every goal-less minute”

I swear I had thought of so many others but I am soooooo high (on beer and victory) right now that I can think of nothing else.

If I have been happier I can’t recall.

I have the choicest of words for Mourinho and others, but all that can wait and I’d rather go to sleep a very very happy man.

Simply Kapil

I generally stay away from cricket (the whole nation more than makes up for it), but this is vintage Paaji and deserves a mention:

“My dad is 70, my mother is 60. The chances of another Kapil are close to zero.”

Kapil Dev on being asked when India will see another Kapil Dev

Tussi great ho!