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We did it!

Following up on an earlier post, Opera clocked over a million downloads in 4 days and it’s CEO has already begun his journey. He’s got to be up there with Richard Branson now in getting huge mileage from his stunts although he seems to be “suffering” a lot more than Branson ever did as a result (AFAIK atleast).

Whatever works for you I guess 🙂

RAOTW – DivX Internals

Here’s a layman’s guide to how DivX works.

PS – In case you’ve been wondering (for weeks) what RAOTW is, it stands for “Random Article Of The Week” – innovative or what?!! Consider this as a feature where I take you back to one of my “retro” articles; articles that are still relevant of course.

Handhelds revisited – Palm Tungsten C/ T3

The Palm Tungsten C
The lean mean business machine

The Palm Tungsten means business. It runs Palm OS 5.2.1, is powered by a 400 MHz Intel XScale chip and ships with 64 MB of RAM. The Secure Digital/ Multi Media Card (SD/MMC) expansion slot lets you push the capacity of your Palm by an additional 512 MB.

It features a 65,000 color trans-reflective screen and an integrated keyboard just below it. You will find a five-way navigator, and four function buttons at the bottom. Your communication options include Wi-Fi and IR.

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Google Q&A

I wanted to find the lyricist (song writer) of a recent hindi film and I was pleasantly surprised to see Google answer the query itself, saving me a click or two. (Click here to see what I mean). I tried the same for a not-so-recent movie, but alas that didn’t work. Of course, the “blame” is on Google’s partner, for they do not have that movie in their database.

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10.3.9 Safari Issues

Downloaded and installed the Mac OS X 10.3.9 update (ala a service pack in the windows world) but ran into some problems straight after the reboot. Safari started crashing everytime I closed a window or a tab. Tried the repair permissions and reboot routine, to no avail. Visited the Macrumors forum to see if anyone else was experiencing the same. And sure thing, a lot of people who had one Safari plugin or the other were experiencing crashes.

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