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Yahoo 360°

Yahoo seems to be the flavour of the week!

It has launched a new service called Yahoo 360°, which seems to be an interesting take on “new age” blogs. It’s currently in beta and “invitation only” – though I haven’t seen any auctions of this invit of eBay yet 😉 I guess because it’s a we (Yahoo) invite you thing, rather than you (existing users) invite others.

I signed up in the “beta invitation list” a few days ago (when it was launched). You can do the same or visit a sample page.


The recent news of Yahoo! buying Flickr made me check it out. I was impressed enough to sign up immediately. What made me do so? Well, I liked the simple design and intuitive interface, but what really clinched it for me was this plugin which makes uploading photographs from iPhoto very easy.

It also has some other interesting features like Continue reading

“A Coder in Courierland”

Brilliant read for anyone stuck in a dreary “desk” job and wondering could I be outdoors doing something completely different. Well this guy did and is here with his experiences.

Once upon a time, I was a coder not unlike yourself. My day consisted of coffee, perl and java hacking, meetings, and e-mail. I had a cubicle with fluorescent lighting, my own bookshelf and two computers. And I traded it all in.

Wish I could do something like that myself… though I don’t think being a courier guy would cut it for me – I need to find something else… hmm… stay tuned 😉

Now one gig Yahoo Mail

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Yahoo Mail is increasing mailbox size to 1 GB. Ala Gmail (last I checked).

I don’t think it’s about the size anymore. Gmail might seem to be the first one to offer that kind of space, except it wasn’t. It’s about what other features you can offer – filter out spam, easy searching etc. And Yahoo does a pretty good job of keeping spam out of my Inbox, searching is fine too I guess. Now only if they started POPing my mail again for free. I know there are utilities that can do the job for me, but I would like Yahoo to open it up.

How come the ones with a email id still have free POP access is something that I’ll never fathom, but that’s for another day.


You own a MP3 player? You spend some time every day commuting/ traveling? You tired of listening to your MP3 collection?

Read on if you answered yes to all of the above, or even if you didn’t because this can still be of use to you 😉

iPodder is a “cross platform podcast receiver” Continue reading

RAOTW – Cell Processor

A recent article that looks at the the cell processor, supposed to be the next big thing as far as processors are concerned. The highly anticipated PS3, will be powered by one of these babies.

Wrote this one for the January issue of PCQ. Read it here.

Google X (demo)

Google did something interesting the other day, which only a lucky few could catch before it vanished. It was called Google X, Google’s “tribute” to Mac OS X.

Basically, the icons on the page “zoomed” in realtime when mouse was rolled over them. This, of course, is exactly how icons in the dock behave in Mac OS X (if magnification is enabled obviously). Pretty cool, eh?

But Google later removed the page, possibly because it stepped on some Apple patents, though one can’t be sure. There has been no official word from them on this topic as far as I know.

I managed to save that page and was able to reconstruct the effect with a little effort. You can check it out here in case you missed it earlier.

PS – If anyone from Google or Apple legal thinks I’m stepping on toes I shouldn’t, please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to remove the page.

How Rafa sees football

“It’s like a game of chess. If you lose to a player who you know is not better than you then you must ask yourself why? That is what I have to understand and analysis at Liverpool.
“If I lose I won’t put my head down, I will put my head up and work harder. I know we are Continue reading

Forget iPod Shuffle, come in Super Shuffle!!!

Enter iPod shuffle’s “twin brother”, except it offers more features than the iPod itself! As I am typing this Apple might be getting ready to sue this company for the blatant copy that is the Super Shuffle. Check this page out for images that show the striking “resemblance” between the two products.

Just as I type this, there has been an update on the matter.

More work for Apple’s lawyers who, unless you live under a rock, you would know, have been rather busy recently.